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Competitive advantages through data

HEYDELBERGER Medical is a fast growing company that specializes in data science services for the medical industry. We work with large and small organizations along the medical value chain. We focus on data-based solutions for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and health institutions. Our strengths are data management, data processing, data and model validation, machine learning, statistics, visualization and reporting.


Our office is near Heidelberg. The city is known for its picturesque old town, the castle ruins and the excellent university environment. We are a team of data scientists with an enthusiasm for data-based solutions in the medical industry. Our core business are projects to gain more knowledge from data. Validation in the product life cycle also plays a central role. We can’t wait to hear about your projects.



Everything that can be automated will be automated. Especially the medical industry, which is characterized by a shortage of skilled labor, can benefit from the integration of machine learning solutions. Focused machine learning deployment will relieve the burden on professionals and decouple urgently needed resources from routine tasks. Machine learning techniques have been gradually integrated into various business processes for some time now. With the ongoing adoption of these technologies, the need for systematic validation is increasing at the same time.

The motives for the validation of machine learning systems vary. Ensuring legal compliance is undoubtedly a major motive. However, neither the EU nor the FDA have yet defined specific regulatory requirements for medical devices that use machine learning techniques. Furthermore, product approval is a downstream process within the product life cycle. Data and model validations are already relevant during development or even earlier in the proof of concept phase. If robust foundations are laid here, regulatory validation as part of legal compliance becomes a mere formality.


Technological progress in data analytics is currently driving far-reaching changes in production and value chains in many industrialized countries. As an integral part of this development, continuous learning from data is predestined to fundamentally change the way organizations create value. Machine learning solutions will enable structural changes of the medical industry. With these technologies the focus will shift from treatment to prevention of diseases in the future.

Michael W. Stiller, Managing Director

Finished projects

• Customer segmentation

• Financial forecasting

• Production optimization

• Anomaly detection in quality

• Data and model validation

• Statistical reporting

• Inventory forecasting

• Data architecture and pipelines

• Product group clustering

• Product target costing

• Predictive maintenance

• Document classification


The ageing of the population in Germany, as in other highly industrialized countries, will continue to increase. Over the next 15 years, the working age population (20−66 years) will shrink by about 5 million. As a result, the shortage of skilled labor will continue to increase. Our social security system is facing enormous challenges. Against this background, machine learning techniques offer opportunities to secure our prosperity in the future.

Data management

HEYDELBERGER Medical is specialized in data and automation solutions for the medical industry: Consulting, project management and implementation along the value chain. Benefit from our expert knowledge, get an overview of technological developments and learn about current methods and tools.

Taking into account data protection and data quality, our approach is to increase the utilization potential of your data; also to identify new products and services. In doing so, we will also be happy to examine process optimization possibilities along the value chain for you. The effective use of the resource “data” depends entirely on professional data management.


We are an independent company with flat organizational structures. Our specialty is developing data-based solutions to business problems and implementing them in collaboration with our customers and partners. In our mindset, the best results are achieved together. We employ people who, like us, are curious and motivated to make processes easier. As a part of the team we expect you to work independently and pursue your own personal goals in collaboration with the group. We are always interested in meeting talented people.