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Your specific problems are our great passion.

Ever-shorter innovation cycles and the advancing digitization pose enormous challenges for all organizations worldwide. As a solution-oriented company, you are looking for additional drivers for success, new optimization ideas, impulses from outside or have specific questions about topics for which you simply can not free up resources in your daily work? We are happy to help you find new ways to master your challenges.

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Solutions designed for the medical industry

Your individual requirements are always our core focus. Heydelberger Medical specializes in solutions for the medical industry. Benefit from our expert knowledge, get an introduction on technological trends and best practices of current methods and tools. We also support you with individual consulting, implementation guidelines and workshops.

Our expertise

  • Blockchain Technology

    Since its release in 2008, the Blockchain concept has been used primarily as the basis for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Many economic agents are following the development with great interest and linking the technology with great expectations. Essentially, Blockchain solutions are distributed database systems with differentiated rights management. The key advantage to traditional […]

  • Data Management

    Your data is the most important resource in the company. Customer contacts, transactions, logistics information, financial figures, production data, quality indicators, etc. are like the blood in the veins of a company. They come from different sources, are generated by a variety of methods, stored in various file formats and are enriched with meaningful metadata. […]

  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning is one of the most exciting technologies of our time. The subject of “artificial intelligence” is basically grounded in machine learning techniques. Many companies are currently investing considerable sums in research and various practical projects. Due to the stability and the variety of applications, machine learning methods are already firmly linked to our […]

  • Digital Marketing

    Globalization and rapidly increasing connectivity are reducing transaction costs worldwide and intensify international competition. It is more difficult than ever to conquer and defend markets. Regardless of whether you produce consumer or capital goods, you sell your products mainly in buyer’s markets. Accordingly, the focus is all the more on breaking sales resistance and strengthening […]

  • Project Management

    Development projects are temporary measures aimed at constructing and introducing new products or services as well as innovative processes or infrastructures. Projects are usually divided into five general phases (initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, completion) and go through an iterative process. With ever-shorter innovation cycles, companies are challenged to efficiently execute complex development projects. This applies […]

  • Data Visualization

    In companies, huge amounts of data are processed today. The further you move forward with digitization and connectivity, the faster your classical analytical tools and methods will reach their limits. Human perception is strongly geared towards visual stimuli. It’s always easier for us to interpret a graph rather than number-heavy vectors or matrices. Visualizations help […]